AJCC 8 Breast Staging Updates with Dr. Cyr

On this episode of SO Files, Brad and Linda cover the updated staging guidelines for breast cancer that have been in practice (theoretically) since Jan 1, 2018. The possibilities for stage groups now cover a full six pages in the AJCC manual and you can hear Brad and Linda read through each one right here…. just kidding. We will however cover the major changes, the reasoning behind them, and talk about how they are fitting into practice with podcast favorite Dr. Cyr.

BONUS: listen to Brad, Alston and Linda survive a tornado during the live taping of this show!

Show Breakdown:

0-14 minutes: Background information with Brad, Linda and Alston

14 minutes- end: Brad and Linda interview Dr. Cyr

Relevant Reading:

NCCN Guidelines

Updated NCCN breast cancer guidelines, which includes the new AJCC 8th edition staging system.

AJCC 8th Edition Staging Chapter

Gabriel N. Hortobagyi, James L. Connolly, Carl J. D’Orsi, Stephen B. Edge, Elizabeth A. Mittendorf, Hope S. Rugo, Lawrence J. Solin, Donald L. Weaver, David J. Winchester, and Armando Giuliano

Detailed chapter outlining the new AJCC staging system. 

Oncotype DX Score Background

Background info on Oncotype DX Score from the company, Genomic Health, with links to relevant articles.