Gastric Cancer Review- Resident geared, ABSITE friendly

Happy new years from SO Files! Ring in 2018 with an algorithm based review of gastric cancer management! We released this all out of order so excuse our Thanksgiving banter but the great news is that bad jokes never go out of style, so enjoy some useful review while adhering to your gym goals for at least the first week of January.


NCCN Guidelines – Gastric Cancer 

An updated, evidence based overview of gastric cancer management. Workup, and surgical/ medical treatment algorithms discussed.

7th Edition of the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual: Stomach

Updated AJCC staging information for gastric cancer.

Surgical treatment of gastric cancer: 15-year follow-up results of the randomised nationwide Dutch D1D2 trial.

Songun I, Putter H, Kranenbarg EM, Sasako M, van de Velde CJ.

15 year follow-up data from the Dutch D1D2 trial for gastric cancer. D2 lymphadenectomy resulted in a 29% overall survival for the D2 group vs. 21% for the D1 group (p=0.34). Gastric cancer related death was higher in the D1 group than the D2 group (48% vs. 37%, respectively, p=0.01).  In this trial a D2 gastrectomy included a splenectomy as standard protocol.